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Dreamhenge at, presented by Independent Artists Company | Unsigned | Band Site

DREAMHENGE is a “NetBand” showcasing the works and collaborative efforts of varying and various musicians from around the world as focused through the eyes, ears and spirit of self-styled impresario Richard Montefiore. It tends to be bright, thoughtful music ranging from acoustic rock, folk & bluesy pop through trance music or rocktronica. Notes Mr. Montefiore “I wanted a place to express and interpret all the wonderful music which is out there among my friends and musical collaborators, without the restrictions of being a band or a performer with this or that line up. Dreamhenge allows us to do just that!”

There was a quite silly rivalry in the band regarding who was “Cid”; ironic that in this best photo (credit Mike Grimm) one is unable to see anyone’s footwear!  (I believe I even had rather smashing grey leather ankle boots.)

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